Photo Challenge – Week 2: Family Favors

For better or for worse, I am the de facto photographer for many of my extended family members’ special occasions.

Being responsible for capturing all those precious memories comes with a special brand of baggage, but I’m certainly honored to be a part of their special days. My relatives get the good ol’ family discount, and they’re always good about reciprocating in kind, usually with delicious eats or generous gifts for my children— sometimes both. 😉

A photo of two wedding rings on a beige table. In the background and out of focus sits a bridal bouquet of flowers.
Obligatory bokeh-licious ring shot, when only the shallowest of depths will do. July 2, 2021
Sony A7II, 50mm, ISO 125, f/1.8, 1/125

P.S. — It’s only week 2, and I’ve already diverged from the purpose of this weekly photo challenge, which is to surface photos that would otherwise languish on my hard drive. Strictly speaking, this specific photo probably doesn’t quite qualify, since I’ve shared it with my client cousin already. That said, since I generally don’t post my work save for the rare preview story on my private IG, I do think this fits— arguably. 😅

P.P.S. — You can check out my non-personal photography work here.

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