So … not getting enough sales? You might be doing it wrong.

Want to make more sales? Stop focusing so GD much on sales.

Spoiler alert: your product is a means to an end. 

That your product is simply a tool to achieve some other goal applies to you— yes, you. This is a universal truth whether you’re selling the best, most innovative thingamajig since sliced bread, or you’re tasked with selling a horribly unnecessary thing that nobody asked for (and seemingly nobody wants).

Either way, if you’re not able to push your product (heh), you probably lack meaningful awareness of your best customers’ needs. Or you don’t care. (Which is cool, I mean, you’re free to care or not care as you please.)

P.S. — there is a market and a need for everything. <switches to stage whisper>

E v e r y t h i n g.

Even if you haven’t uncovered or don’t understand the use case— it exists.

So stop asking how to sell.

Instead, start asking how you can be of service.

Are you communicating how your product will add value?

Have you demonstrated how your product will take away pain?

What exactly is the problem you’re solving?

Now, I’m not saying you won’t make sales or hit conversion goals living a life as a droning shill with no connection to or empathy for your customer’s pain and passion points . . .

But it’ll sure be a lot easier to sell the thing and also convince people to buy the thing if you have a decent understanding of how the thing fits into their lives in the first place.

If you’re reading this, here’s your action item du jour:

  • Muse on your product’s value proposition.
  • Set a timer for 90 seconds and list all the ways specifically you can be of service to your ideal customer. (this could include internal improvements like championing better communication standards and facilitating high-touch support, or could draw on your individual strengths, like writing awesome copy, super-smooth networking skills — you name it)

P.S. If the reason behind the lack of sales is because you have a fundamental beef with the product (*cough* scam vitamin sales *cough*), I suggest you cut your losses and skedaddle.

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