Photo Challenge – Week 3: Weeping Cherry Blossoms

Sometimes I get pulled into this overwhelmingly sober headspace where I’m like, “time is a construct, what is even reallllll.” Seriously — sober. Then nature pulls something simple yet awe-inspiring— like pushing along those yearly blooms on my weeping cherry tree, and those thoughts are replaced with something more like, “nature is beautiful, and the perception of time facilitates its appreciation.” Which, okay is a bit stream-of-consciousness-y and might not totally follow, but whatever.

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The Passion in Friction: A Totally SFW Marketing Brain Dump

I’m a sucker for descriptive language. And while lots of newfangled internet-borne slang doesn’t do it for me, there’s definitely some industry jargon that just slaps and gets right to the dang point. That’s right — bring on the marketing jargon, folks. 📊

Today’s walk down marketing jargon lane features a look at the customer journey, specifically: passion and friction points.

Let’s define passion points and friction points.

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Weekly Photo Reflection Challenge – Week 1: Expectation

Week 1

This snapshot was very nearly an afterthought. Even so, it’s meaningful to me, as it represents the all-encompassing expectation you feel when you’re about to do something you know is going to be amazing. You’ve been looking forward to arriving at the beach, and that 3-hour drive was brutal on your tailbone. But now you’re here, and you can’t wait to get to the other side of that dune.

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