Value for Value

ℹ️ Hiya! I previously published a slightly different version of this post a few years ago.
That blog, The Value Metric, is no longer active

On Value for Value in Hiring

While casually debating hiring strategy with colleagues a few years ago, I laid out my value for value philosophy in a spirited dialogue about the company’s talent recruitment process. I delivered an impassioned speech about why the phrase “you get what you pay for” isn’t just lip service— it’s at the core of attracting and cultivating excellence. And to be clear: compensation comes in many forms, not just cash money.

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The Passion in Friction: A Totally SFW Marketing Brain Dump

I’m a sucker for descriptive language. And while lots of newfangled internet-borne slang doesn’t do it for me, there’s definitely some industry jargon that just slaps and gets right to the dang point. That’s right — bring on the marketing jargon, folks. 📊

Today’s walk down marketing jargon lane features a look at the customer journey, specifically: passion and friction points.

Let’s define passion points and friction points.

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