Kaaterskill Fall(s)

About 90 minutes north of NYC, there’s this gem of a waterfall that is a veritable leaf-peepin’ hotspot loved by locals and day-trippers alike. Nestled among the iconic, bucolic Catskill Mountains, Kaaterskill Falls is worth a visit, at least once, and definitely in the fall.

The old streets of Madrid

On the perks of working for a remote-first & global company Pro: Claimed a couple of fresh stamps on my passport; visited Spain for the first time; visited EUROPE for the first time 😍 Con: Being away from family is always difficult, but when illness delays one’s transatlantic return by nearly a week… Oy. 🙃

Photo Challenge – Week 3: Weeping Cherry Blossoms

Sometimes I get pulled into this overwhelmingly sober headspace where I’m like, “time is a construct, what is even reallllll.” Seriously — sober. Then nature pulls something simple yet awe-inspiring— like pushing along those yearly blooms on my weeping cherry tree, and those thoughts are replaced with something more like, “nature is beautiful, and the perceptionContinue reading “Photo Challenge – Week 3: Weeping Cherry Blossoms”